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[Dalek mod] Beta Discussion and bug reporting!

Show us what you get up to in the new test build!

Tell us how you feel about the new features!

Give us feedback! :D 


Bug reporting can be done here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfizhjc-GySVQ3EFmrJVRkF2OQPu0HUCg36a4EzQHBNf0GVdQ/viewform


As a google form as it is easier to keep track of!


First of all: U46 Tb1 is awesome so far! I love all the new features :D


Secondly I have noticed a few bugs:

A lot of the new models are out of proportion: Bessie, modeled consoles, toyota bookshelves(Correct if me any of them are meant to be that small)

The Curious Derkal attacks the Davros chair for some reason (Unless he is meant to do that)

When players exit the Davros chair their legs are sometimes not visible

The weeping angels drop apples for some reason


The Ed exterior has a T.T. capsule sound effect

A lot of the new modelled blocks turn slightly transparent when looking away from them


Apologies for the amount of bugs I've noticed aha xD


The new clothing items have the sonic shades gui (Unless they're meant to be like that)


Also it appears some of the roundels don't match their sprite when placed: 

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You can see their sprite in my hand

alot of the new tardises give you a bit of a 2 or 3 block drop when you enter,   


for me,   entering mooses tardis spawns me directly on top.


and the blank template tardis spawns you outside a default exterior (with the door facing another direction so no way to save yourself)  and drops you into the void


rotation bugs for toyota door surround model and copper monitor are still present 


tardis sounds only seem to play out of the right speaker of my headphones while the left side is completely silent,  but when other sounds happen,  both ears play


keyboard model hovers off the ground when placed

The Entity Manipulator Is pretty cool.

End Of Opinion

Also I thinks dat the keyboard block

Crashes the server



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Added - Davros Chair


Title Screen: 

Replaced - Chooses title screen at random




Added - Weeping Angels

Added - 'Story Mode'

Added - Find this one yourself ;)



Mobs Changes:

Replaced - K9 Model

Added - K9 particless (When health is under 15, K9 emits smoke. When under 5 Emits More smoke and flames)

Added - K9 Self Destruct, One in 10 chance of K9 self destructing upon death (Like in the Aussie TV Show)

Added - K9 is now rideable!

Replaced - Update to Bessie Model

Added - Davros explodes on 'I' press (Default Keybind)




- Added; K9 Head, Tail, Body, Regen Unit. See sentence below


I'm not going to list these here, waaaaaay too many!

Check the forums after the initial update for a thread on crafting updates!




Replaced - Copper Exterior

Replaced - Coral (2005) Exterior

Replaced - Toyata Exterior

Added - 1966 Exterior

Added - 1963 Exterior

Added - Rani Box Exterior

Added - Tom baker Exterior 

Added - Wanderers Exterior (TBC)

Feature - TARDIS's now emit light again!

Feature - TARDIS's can be toggled to emit particles on/off (DM Options/Config)(CS)

Feature - TARDIS's can spin in all directions (DM Options/Config) (CS)



Replaced - Fridge Interiors





Temp Soultion - TARDIS Command block text changed from "WWWWWWASDF" to nothing

Fixed - Fixed rendering bounds on larger models, They will no longer disspear when they are on the side of players view

Fixed - Handles is now held correctly in players hand! No more selfie stick rubbish...

Fixed - Too many Emeralds being dropped by Bessie on collide

Added - Keybinds!




Fixed - Sounds no longer all play through the Main volume slider

Fixed - Fixed the Badwolf TARDIS item, it used the normal 10th one and now it uses the proper one with the little text on the side

Fixed - Chunk Hologram changed to transparent instead of purple block thing

Fixed - MobPlinth wasn't named correctly, Fixed

Fixed - Other blocks that weren't meant to be purple such as the original SWDJ one and Image loader

Fixed - [Admin Wep] Weirdo's sword model change

Fixed - Oxygen tank refiller now has a texture

Fixed - Some serverside issues




Replaced - Demat & Remat sounds

Added - Sound now emits when TARDIS is locked

Added - Cloister bell Sound (/playsound) 



Added - Sonic messages to various Admins

Removed -  Removed DMU plus button as server isn't used

Added - some splash messages

Replaced - Entire resources folder was re-done, Dalek mod resourcepacks may need to update to new system 

Fixed - Damagesources



Added - Romana Sonic

Added - Timelord Rifle!

Added - Dalek Weapon!

Added - Circuits (For Crafting)

Added - Silicon Ingot (For Crafting)


Admin Weapon:

Added - Keyblade




Added - 2Dis model

Added - Sonic Blaster Model

Added - A load of 2010 Corridors!




Replaced - Seventh Doctors Hat

Replaced - Fourth Doctors Hat

Added - LOTS OF HATS!!!!



Added - Silicate ore (Can be smelted into Silicon)

Added - Blue/Red Toyota Corridors

Replaced - Corridor Entrance

Replaced - Coral Console Model

Replaced - Copper Console model

Replaced - Some models 

Added - bTEMobPlinth (Used to create statues of entities!)

Added - NPC Shop (For server Owners!)

Added - Solar Panel?

Added - bTEClassicConsole

Added - bTETotterGateLeft

Added - bTETotterGateRight

Added - bTEFoodMachine

Added - bTEHartnellBackPanel

Added - bTEHartnellSidePanel

Added - bTESecondaryConsole

Added - bTEHartnelLFrontPanel

Added - bTEHatstand4thScarf

Added - bTEHartnellRotor

Added - bTEkeytotime

Added - bTEHartnellBackWall

Added - bTEToyotaCorridors

Added - bTE4thSecondaryChair

Added - bTE4thSecondaryTable

Added - bTEHartnellArmilarrySPhere

Added - bTEHartnellPole

Added - bTEHellBentPoleHemisphere

Added - bTE4thSecondaryMonitorWall

Added - bTEHartnellLightBox

Added - bTEHellBentPole

Added - bFourth

Added - bTEHartnellDoor

Added - bTEHartnellFloor

Added - bTEHartnellDoor2


Added - bTECopperTARDISAtomAccelerator

Added - bTECopperTARDISHandbrake

Added - bTECopperTARDISPanelDivider

Added - bTECopperTARDISRedLever

Added - bTECopperTARDISSpinner

Added - bTECopperTARDISTube

Added - bTECopperTARDISPanelGramophone

Added - bTECopperTARDISSwitchPanel

Added - bTECopperTARDISKeyboard

Added - bTEHellBentDoor

Added - bTECopperTARDISRotor

Added - bTECoralEntranceThing

Added - bTEPowerHexagon

Added - HartnellRoundel1

Added - HartnellRoundel2

Added - HartnellRoundel3

Added - bTEHandinJar

Added - bCoral_Tardis_Blocks_B (Metablock, So there are a lot more than one block here)

Added - bCoralSlab1

Added - bCoralSlab2

Added - bCoralSlab3


RIP Handles' selfie stick.



Also, all my custom fez's are gone! I want them back!!

(Just kidding, I can make new ones, but I wanted to let you guys know).

How do you make it ring the cloister bell?

 I don't think you read it correctly, there's no game mechanic that triggers it.... 


Blow up a exterior though, that's like, currently the only thing that uses it

keyboard model hovers off the ground when placed

 I'm pretty sure that's meant to happen as in the show they keyboard in the copper tardis hangs off from the rest of the console, coerect me if I am wrong

keyboard model hovers off the ground when placed

 I'm pretty sure that's meant to happen as in the show they keyboard in the copper tardis hangs off from the rest of the console, coerect me if I am wrong

 That would be correct. 


Certain blocks should have the walk through ability (like the corridors at current), for easier/more logical. I'll compile a list in the following spoiler, and I'll try to give good reasoning.

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Copper Keyboard: Allows for more accurate scenes

Hartnell Door B (bTEHartnellDoor): It's a corridor door. . .

Hartnell/Hellbent Main Door: It feels a bit odd to be unable to walk to the door on one side

Hartnell Hexagon Floor: It's a floor tile. It makes sense.

Edit for more:

Hartnell Back Wall: "It's annoying to have to jump over an invisible block here" -Trav

Toyota Grating (A and B): It'd be smoother to walk around the current mod console, since it bumps on the corners currently

Edit: Added 2 more

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