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[BaconTown] Where Will we Go?

Since ingame I have been banned we have Decided to move Bacontown to our own server... The server is still being made but Soon will be Public... If you Were not in Bacontown Staff you will not Have Beta Access to the Server... Hazza (Developer) Is working on Our fourms so in the Future this Post will be Updated... When we go Public I Sun will Put the Fourms link Underneath and It'l lead you to the I.P at the same time... For Now please Do remember Bacontown Version 1... We will not Forget it.... And the People who destroyed it...

When you say move Bacontown, do you mean that you have a schematic of it, or that you are rebuilding it? Furthermore, if a player joined initially, would they be placed in the Bedrock Box until the server went public? Thanks, 


That's because the server is currently Beta... If you want to Come on Early You will need staff... I'm just going to make a thread on ****** one sec

Please do, avoid advertising your server on the DMU forum. Thanks and have a great day :)

I accidently Put the link then when I saw Ace's post I just quickly edited it before someone could see it

So...how will you post the link? If it is allowed, I would suggest placing it on your SWDteam profile page? I'm not a site admin, so I could not tell you whether this would land you in trouble, it's just a suggestion. Have a nice day :)

Breaking News!... Well not Greif because 'Breaking' on the server without permission isn't allowed, Anyway I've started the town.

"We'll not griefed because "Breaking" on the server without permission isn't allowed" Well that's great to hear Sun, and great, but you can still get Griefed, did you turn off Mobdamage there? (Creeper Explosions) and a Person that you gave Permissions can still grief.

Well about the Breaking... The day before Jake made a Tnt Cannon and I spammed the button and it Got rid of his house and made a massive hole which Lloyd used to do redstone for his house XD

Sunplayz, this is not the place to post news about your server.

Make your own Discord server for it or create your own website. It's your private server with only a small hand few of players from here on it so there's no point posting everything here.


If you continue you may be punished.

This thread has been locked.

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