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Dalek Mod || How to use Regeneration



What is Regeneration?

Regeneration is a trait of the timelords were they have 13 lives, when each live comes to a end, they gain a new one as someone else.

This feature allows the player to stay away from death via Regenerations which are customisable.


How to obtain and use regeneration:


- First you must craft the Elixir of life:

You will need; 4 Gallifreyan sand, A glass bottle, a ghast tear, one magma cream, one nether wart, and a sygons tougue.

To craft the elixir, these items must be arranged in this order:



In order to edit the color of your Regeneration, you will need to obtain Rivers diary, there is no survival way to obtain this yet, but this will change in a coming patch with the method yet to be decided.


On right click, you will be granted with a GUI that will look like this,



Buttom 1, "Set Color":

This will open another GUI that is a color picker and will allow you to choose your color, you drag the pointer over the desired colour and then click select, this setting your color and returning you back to the river's diary gui.


Button 2, "Reset":

This button will reset the selected colour back to the shows iconic orangy yellow color used in modern Doctor who.


Button 3, "Save":

This button is very important, as it tells the game to save your changes, if you leave the gui without clicking this, you changes will NOT be saved.


Down the left side of the GUI, it will indicate how many lives you have left with the non-grayed out heads, the heads that are greyed out are lives that you have used up by dying.



How do i download the new update?

 Store -> SWD Store -> The Dalek Mod ->  Download 1.12.2 (Update 48)


and a sygons tougue.
Admittedly, I haven't played the mod in a while, but could you mean "zygon"? Regardless, I'm looking forward to this feature

Is the skin changing thing still being worked on? 

 No. Go to the original mod for further features.

Is the skin changing thing still being worked on? 

 No. Go to the original mod for further features.

 Slightly lost

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