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[Ban in May] JonyOfficial_ (JONY4 when i've been banned) : Grief and Tardis Bridge [Life Ban]



Minecraft username : JonyOfficial_ now, but i was Jony4 when i've been banned

Why you were banned : 2 bridge in my tardis + Little grief of a parking (3 warnings)

Ban duration : Life

What were you doing last on the server : I was making a bridge to an other console room in my tardis to have some blocks.


        First of all, know that I am sorry for my behavior the year before. I was purely selfish and did not pay attention to the rules. However, since then, I have matured, met people and watched things that made me think. I have grown a lot and I think that a last chance for the new person that I have become would be welcome to show that I have changed and that I will not be ready to do this again. Sincerely, Jonathan. smile

(PS : Sorry if you don't understand every thing, i don't speak english^^)

Hello JonyOfficial_ ,

Since you understand what you did, I am giving you one last chance. If you fail to follow the rules you will be perm banned indefinitely with no appeal. You will be unbanned on the server shortly. 


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