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I'm banned? I don't understand what i did wrong

Today I was joking around with someone saying i'd kill them if this didn't work, they accepted, i tped to them because it didn't work (i wasn't gonna kill them) then i get thrown in lava and all my regens get wasted, everyone has a go at me because i "griefed her vault" but she threw me in a pit on lava and i can't get out, i have reason to break out of it, then they started saying i griefed their town and that they had proof. I didn't grief their town BTW, I run and hit the floor, it's a habbit, i don't break anything at all. then they start a war against my town and grief my house and rk me 30 times at least and i was muted at the time on discord and minecraft for dumb reasons for 24 hours. I use signs to tell them to stop alot, they then declare war on the town with a book and then destroy my signs. they accuse me saying i called someone a twat when I didn't and saying i mocked someone for having autism. Okay first off i said are you mentally stupid, I didn't know they had autism it isn't my fault, not everyone should know what learning difficulty you have. then after the war is over i get banned from the server for 24 hours. Please help me, I'm being tortured and being blamed for stuff I did not do. add my discord Spider-Man#0222 to find out who the people who blamed me or griefed me orbanned me are.

What part of no appeal do you not understand...


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