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DMU Christmas Event 2019 [Ended]

Christmas 2019 - Week 1/4

This year the Christmas event is going to be the biggest and best ever on DMU! Lead by Head Elf Ben1Ben1 with the help of all the other staff elves this is going to be  a very merry Christmas!

When will it happen?



We heard your feedback! We know non-UK players often miss out on events so this time we will be holding lots of small activities which last over longer periods so everyone can join in! 


What and where?

The event will be taking place on DMU Public

Every Sunday this month Ben1Ben1 will post a thread on the SWD Forums explaining the Christmas activities for the next week!

Week 1's activities (1st-7th December):


This week we will be decorating the server with our Christmas Spirit! Firstly you will notice the new Christmas Spawn! Enjoy playing in the polar express and having snowball fights! 


Every week this month we will be having a different skin competition with a different Christmas theme! Week 1's theme is Festive Films! Whether you love binge watching home alone or having a night in enjoying the Grinch, design a Minecraft skin based around your favourite Christmas movie!!


Skin Competition Rules:

- It MUST be your own original design

- You earn points for Originality, Design and Meeting the Theme

- To enter your skin either PM @Ben1Ben1#9857 on discord a picture of your skin or show one of the staff members on DMU your skin, and they will take a picture and send it to Ben1Ben1

- You must enter your skin before midnight GMT on Saturday the 7th or it won’t count.


Merry Christmas everyone! 


The next update will be posted on Sunday the 8th by Head-Elf Ben1Ben1. 

This event is going to be awesome! Please join in and decorate your towns and houses on DMU!

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