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Name: Josia50
DMU Rank: VIp+
About me: I like to help people and treat everyone the same. I'm mostly online all day.
And I'm the Current Owner/Mayor of Dunton Watcher from Tahodi.

Discord : Josia50#9988

Ex-Staff Member and Ex-Developer

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October 30, 2016

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Posted: March 04, 2021

Who is your favorite doctor?

Posted: December 01, 2020

Wheres the christmas avent calnda

Posted: October 13, 2020


Posted: October 11, 2020

Hi, I'm Encfa17! About a week ago, I posted a thread to the attention of the devs in Project/Creation not really knowing if it was the appropriate place for the kind of thing I'm talking about in it. And since I'm a complete idiot, I only realize now I may should have said this here. I'm putting the url of my thread here for you to see and comment there.

Yeah, me big dumb-dumb.

Posted: September 09, 2020

Mars the red planet cold dry and unhbable to life but millions years ago mars look there were lakes rivers and what happened whay life to take his pace ware did the water go? We may never know

Posted: September 01, 2020

I have ideas for 59 updates

Posted: September 01, 2020


Posted: August 28, 2020

thanks for banner compliment, choose it myself. quite like urs too reminds me of star trek. Warp speed

Posted: August 28, 2020

ooo space! the final frontier

Posted: August 02, 2020

hi josia