About us

Who are we?

SWDTeam makes a variety of web content and software, mostly modifications for Minecraft. We also do Android Games, YouTube videos, and more! You can learn about most of it through our public Discord server. We were officially founded in December 2013 thanks to our community from the Dalek Mod, which jumpstarted this whole team.

What have we made?

We are the creators of the Dalek Mod; a popular mod for Minecraft that's been downloaded 2,500,000+ times over the past 9 years! As well as other Minecraft mods like the War of the Worlds Mod, Xplosives, or TARDIM, we've also made a few games you can find on our store or our Google Play developer page.

What are we doing next?

We are hoping to release work on more Minecraft mods with Vanilla and unique focus, and indie games for places like Steam. We're also on our YouTube channel, wanting to work on more community engaging competitions and series. Please join our Discord Server or ssubscribe to us on YouTube for regular updates on these kind of things and news! Or just keep watch on this website, we'll post about it here too.

John Brown (1WTC) (Lead Programmer / Artist / Founder)
Contact: 1WTC@swdteam.com

I'm John, the creator of the Dalek Mod. I am a programmer, and I write most of the engine and visual based sides of our code. I also do a lot of the data management throughout all our projects and occasionally graphics for them too.

Luke Ryan (Youtuber02) (3D Artist / Animator / Voice Actor)
Contact: Youtuber02@swdteam.com

I'm Luke, I am a long time modeller for the team. My work is usually non-Minecraft in a program called Blender, but not all of the time. I also do a lot of voice acting, mainly for aliens and other enemies in our Minecraft mods.

Matt Moore (Didgeridoomen) (Programmer / Video Producer)
Contact: Didgeridoomen@swdteam.com

Hello, I'm Matt; I'm the evil member of the team. I usually create videos for our YouTube channel like tutorials and update news. I also program regular features and content for Dalek Mod.

John H. (RedDash16) ( Programmer / Co-Founder)
Contact: RedDash16@swdteam.com

I'm RedDash, otherwise known as John. I work primarily on the War of the Worlds Mod and some of our other game projects. Gameplay and survival focus is usually what I specialize in. I also enjoy long walks on the beach and making things explode.

Mae Y. (rainbowdestiny) (Programmer / Lead Artist / Sound Designer & Composer)

Hi, I'm Mae. I mainly work on assets or music for all of our various projects, and do some coding across them too. I also do a lot of video editing for the team, and managing ideas or plans for features and community contests.