Dalek Mod 5 Year Anniversary

Dalek Mod Update 47 is almost ready for release! It will be released October 30th 2017! Can't wait? Why not pass the time on DMU!


Dalek Mod - Missing Update Videos - Help us find them!

As people are probably aware by now every Dalek Mod update video pre Update 25 (with the exception of Update 14) has been lost. This is because UDWF1 ...
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We make a large variety of web content and software including modifications for Minecraft, Android Games, Web Animations and much more! You can find most of our content over at our YouTube Channel or at our Google play developer page, or by simply viewing our website. SWDTeam was officially founded in December 2013 thanks to the help of the awesome Dalek Mod community.
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[Update 47] Important changes to mod
Posted by Sub | Today 15:07

PayPal payment option - Fixed
Posted by 1WTC | 11/10/2017 12:01

Dalek Mod - Missing Update Videos
Posted by SWD | 10/09/2017 14:51

DMU Public World Issue
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FREE Stack of credits on DMU!
Posted by SWD | 11/05/2017 05:30

SWDTeam Website Update - April 2017
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New Dalek Mod Daleks!
Posted by MrCedric | 06/02/2017 06:53

User Profile Changes
Posted by 1WTC | 02/02/2017 11:36

Dalek Mod Update 45 - Small Christmas Update
Posted by 1WTC | 18/12/2016 16:43

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