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User Profile Changes

What's been changed?

You can now add a bio to your profile!

What's a bio?

A bio allows you to write a short description about yourself. You can fill it with interesting facts, your hobbies, news and more!

How can I add a bio to my profile?

It's pretty simple:

  1. First of all navigate to your profile and click on "Settings"
  2. You will now see a text box at the bottom of the settings panel. In here you can type your bio
  3. When you're finished hit "Save Bio"
  4. Return to your "Messages / Bio" tab and you will see your updated bio


How do I remove my bio?

To remove a bio simply delete all the text in the text box under settings and hit "Save Bio". This will now remove your bio from your profile.


Abusing the feature

As with most features on the website if you abuse it you can face a ban. This includes:

  • Swearing
  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Impersonating other members
  • Sharing malicious content
  • Ban appeals (You can post your ban appeal here but it will be ignored.)


What else is new?

Another new setting which you can see in the screenshot above is the "Remove Profile Theme" button. It occurred to me that once you've applied a profile theme there was no way to remove it. So with this small change you can now remove any profile themes you may have applied. (This does not remove them from your inventory. It just changes your profile back to the default theme.)


Finally the last change some of you might have already noticed is that Admin and Staff profiles now have a warning under their message box stating "Please note. This is not a place to post ban appeals.". We have had to add this because people still continuously spam staff profiles with ban appeals. If you have a ban appeal please use the appropriate section on the forums. All ban appeals posted on profiles will be ignored and deleted.

I can't help but notice that 'Friends' tab in your profile…

 …also that friends online message.


But to add something meaningful, I really like this addition.

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