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Hello, I'm MrCedric; also known as Ceddy, Moustache Man, or that guy
I am the creator of all the Dalek models through U46 to U59, including my own Steampunk Daleks =P
I'm an avid builder, model-maker, occasional background character, and an all-round nice person (people say)...
I'm also a friend of John irl, and we were best friends in school =)

To sum my life up:
English, Steampunk... 'nuf said. - Cedric 2010

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January 25, 2017

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Posted: December 31, 2020

Hey there, for those who visit my profile in the future, greetings and farewell.

The SWD community is a great place with a lot of great people, and being a part of it for the last 3-4 years has given me many fantastic memories.
I've had an amazing time on the Dalek Mod servers, helping people, making friends, and taking part in a few events and mini-games... so it's with a heavy heart that I say goodbye for the last time.
...I have decided that on New Years day, that I am to leave the Dalek Mod and anything related. (2 hours from now, from the time of writing this)

I won't elaborate much on the reasons I'm leaving, but I will say a few things...
Although I love DMU, and all the people in it, it's gotten to the point where all the drama, arguments, and crappy sleep-schedule is taking a toll on me.
I've spent the last 5 years glued to my computer, rarely leaving my house... and as you might know, I have anxiety and depression; making it harder to do anything outside of my comfort zone.
Starting New Years day, I will start sorting my life out as a whole -seeing therapists, and getting financially stable.

But it's not all bad news. I have been working on my last few projects this last month; and as a parting gift, I will share some spoilers on what I've been making for the Dalek Mod in the future.

...1.15 friendly Toclafane model (may or may not be in the mod already), New Who Sontaran models, a new 1.15 friendly Weeping Angel model, and lastly... twelve Human-Dalek models, holding Dalek-Enhanced Tommy Guns (which will hopefully be a new craftable weapon for 1.15)

With all that said, it's been brilliant knowing you all, and I hope all goes well for SWDTeam and friends.
If you want to talk or catch up, you can always contact me on Discord (MrCedric#6519).
Love you all, goodbye! o/

- MrCedric, ex-staff member, asset creator for the Dev team, irl friend of 1WTC.

Posted: November 27, 2020

Greetings Ceddy

Posted: November 27, 2020

Wishing you much luck, Cedric.

Posted: August 28, 2019


Posted: August 07, 2019

Hi Cedric

Posted: July 10, 2019

good morning

Posted: February 21, 2017

I reject your face and substitute a bagel. Accept your new life as a bagel.

Posted: February 20, 2017

Fight me Cedric XD

Posted: February 15, 2017


Posted: February 15, 2017