The Dalek Mod

The Dalek Mod


Latest Dalek Mod Update:

The Dalek Mod is a mod for Minecraft which brings to world of Doctor Who into your game! With this mod you can travel the universe using a fully functional TARDIS, explore a vast array of planets, battle Daleks, Cybermen, and more! Play by yourself in singleplayer, with your friends in multiplayer, or on our public Minecraft server!

This mod adds tons of features from all aspects of Doctor Who from clothes items, to Daleks, to Cybermen, to TARDISes, lots of Sonic Screwdrivers, etc. Depending on what version you're using (our latest is 1.12.2, with a 1.16.5 version on the way!) you might find different content. If you'd like to know more about these differences, please check the Dalek Mod wiki.

Preview video of our 1.16.5 update:
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We've been working on remaking the Dalek Mod from the ground-up in 1.16.5 Minecraft with stronger focus on survival aspects and core gameplay! Soon we'll be releasing an early version of this, as shown in the video above.

The ultimate Doctor Who in Minecraft experience wouldn't be complete without tons of aliens and monsters to battle and meet! The spoiler list below tells about some of the creatures and aliens in this mod!

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  • Classic series Daleks (Skaro, Warriors, etc.)
  • Asylum Daleks
  • Special Weapons Daleks
  • New Paradigm Daleks
  • Movie Daleks (from the Peter Cushing films!)
  • Time War Daleks
  • Ironside Daleks
  • Invasion Daleks
  • Imperial/Renegade Daleks
  • Dalek Storm
  • TV-21's Golden Emperor Dalek
  • Steampunk Daleks
  • Recon Scout Dalek
  • Ender Daleks
  • Nether Daleks
  • Rainbow Daleks?
  • Candy Daleks (Gingerbread, chocolate, etc.)
  • Tons more! (It is called the Dalek Mod, after all.)


  • Mondasian Cybermen
  • Cybus Cybermen
  • Cyberiad Cybermen
  • CyberMasters
  • Mondasian Patients
  • CyberVillagers
  • Cybermats
  • Cyberdrones
  • Rusted Cybermen

Friendly Mobs

  • K-9 (multiple versions!)
  • Adipose
  • Classic Minecraft Players
  • Menoptera
  • Time Lords
  • Pink Fluffy Daleks

Dangerous Mobs

  • Weeping Angels
  • Sontarans
  • Autons
  • Zygons
  • The Toclafane
  • The Ood
  • Empty Children (Gas mask zombies!)
  • Killer Christmas Trees
  • The Silence
  • The Whispermen
  • Clockwork Droids
  • Evil Snowmen
  • Gell Guards
  • The Zarbi
  • Ice Warriors
  • Chancellery Guards...
  • and many others!

In this mod, you'll get the full Doctor Who experience with tons of worlds to visit. Including the Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey, the danger filled Dalek homeworld of Skaro, and even back in time to Minecraft's early days in Classic Minecraft! Here are some of the planets you can visit in the mod! 

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  • Skaro
  • Trenzalore
  • Gallifrey
  • The Moon
  • Mars
  • Varos
  • Vortis
  • Minecraft Classic


You can also visit dimensions from other mods! Provided the dimension is not locked...

One of the most core functions of the Dalek Mod is the TARDIS. Known full well as the time machine and space ship of the Doctor Who universe, you can customize the look and interior of yours to fly around anywhere you want! 

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  • 1st through 13th Doctor's TARDIS exteriors
  • Colourful police box TARDIS exteriors
  • The Master's TARDIS exteriors
  • Refrigerator TARDIS exterior
  • The War Doctor's TARDIS exterior
  • The Rani's TARDIS exterior
  • Cyber Capsule exterior
  • Cute Police Box exterior
  • Pride exterior
  • Furnace exterior
  • Trees, block towers, and other disguise exteriors!
  • And lots more!

The Sonic Screwdriver is the Doctor's valuable tool that can be used to aid any situation! In this mod, you can craft your very own too. (Some of the features they have include):

  • Open all iron doors and trapdoors
  • Ignite TNT
  • Turn on redstone lamps
  • Shear sheep
  • Smelt iron and gold ores
  • Blow up pigs?

You can also choose from lots of different Sonic Screwdriver looks!

  • 2nd through 13th Doctor's Sonic Screwdrivers
  • 11th Doctor's Sonic Cane
  • Romana's Sonic Screwdriver
  • 12th Doctor's Sonic Shades
  • The Master's Laser Screwdriver
  • Sarah Jane's Sonic Lipstick
  • River Song's Sonic Screwdriver
  • Many custom designs!

If you would like more information, we have an official wiki maintained by our community members that goes into more detail about the mod's features! Info on the wiki is regularly updated by the community, we welcome contributions so long as they follow the rules.

You can also visit the SWD Community Discord server for any questions you might have about the mod, by using our #support channel there! It also is a good place to discuss the Dalek Mod and find friends from it's public Minecraft server, DMU.

 If you have a problem with CurseForge, or just wish to download the mod from another trustworthy place, you can also visit the download page for the Dalek Mod on our own website!

The Dalek Mod is a project that we at SWDTeam make as a group of friends. It's sometimes difficult to dedicate time to Minecraft modding due to our jobs, and we really appreciate any donations we get. Donations help us fund our public server, the web hosting we use for all our files, and other little help toward our lives that let us have more time for working on the mod!

 Developer credits:

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1WTC - Creator of Dalek Mod, Lead Programmer, Assets
RedDash16 - Lead Programmer, Survival testing
Didgeridoomen - Programmer, Update video creator
YouTuber02 - Assets, Voice acting
rainbowdestiny - Programmer, Assets, Sound/music

Dev/Asset Team:
henrikrehnn - Programmer
Bug1312 - Programmer, Assets
dhi_holo - Assets
Kubo_Kenji - Assets
Ollyyyy - Assets

A special thanks to all of our past contributors, as well as long-time community members!


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Posted: September 18, 2021

RIP me 2018 - 2021 for the dalek mod
watch it.
I'm sad

Posted: September 18, 2021

The Dalek Mod is an amazing mod, I highly recommend it if you like the show Doctor Who.

Posted: September 10, 2021

I don't think I can hold out until the next update comes out

Posted: September 01, 2021

will we wait a long time for a new update to version 1.16.5?

H2Oletsgo249Beta Tester
Posted: September 05, 2021

They're still working on update 64 AND 1.16.5 at the same time so I think so

H2Oletsgo249Beta Tester
Posted: September 05, 2021

I think so

Posted: August 05, 2021

I Dont Think I Can Wait Any Longer For Dalek Mod 1.16.5

Posted: August 29, 2021

Join the queue.

H2Oletsgo249Beta Tester
Posted: August 27, 2021

Me Neither