The Dalek Mod

The Dalek Mod



Dalek Mod is a mod that brings to world of Doctor Who into your Minecraft! With this mod, you can travel the universe using a fully functional TARDIS, travel to Minecraft's past, battle Daleks, Cybermen, and more!

This mod adds tons of features from all aspects of the Doctor Who universe! The Daleks, the Autons, Zeiton ore, Sonic Screwdrivers, etc. with more being worked on all the time. You can discover ores from space, or make your own TARDIS (with data pack support for disguises and console rooms!)

We've also added full resource pack support for every model. Alongside Minecraft's default .JSON model type, we have our own .JSON model type for entity models. You can find the plugin you need for exporting them here!

A Doctor Who experience wouldn't be complete without Daleks and other monsters to battle! The list below describes all the mobs we have in our latest version.


  • Skaro Daleks
  • Advanced Skaro Daleks
  • Invasion Daleks
  • Advanced Invasion Daleks
  • Suicide Bomber Daleks
  • Special Weapons Daleks
  • Time War Daleks
  • Nether Daleks
  • Molten Daleks
  • Chocolate Daleks
  • Classic Daleks
  • Cybermen
  • Autons


The TARDIS can take you to anywhere in Minecraft's dimensions, or ones we've added. It can also be used to travel to any dimension added by another mod, with use of data packs! (We'll be making a tutorial on this soon.)

  • Cave Game
  • Classic (Survival Test)
  • Infdev
  • Skaro (SOON!)
  • Outer Space (SOON!)

One of the core features of the Dalek Mod is the TARDIS. You can use it to travel anywhere in Minecraft, so long as you have enough fuel for the journey. You can keep it maintained with various fluid link levels, change the disguise on the outside, and even craft preset console rooms.

Below are some of the different TARDIS disguises you can get in the Dalek Mod!


  • Police Boxes
  • TARDIS Capsules
  • SIDRAT Capsules
  • Pagodas
  • Blockstacks


The Sonic Screwdriver is a tool that can be used to aid many situations! Some of the features they have include:

  • Signal and activate doors and lights.
  • Activate TNT on it's own.
  • Use dispenser blocks.
  • Till farm land?

You can also choose from lots of different Sonic Screwdriver looks!

  • 1st through 13th Doctor's sonics
  • Personalize toy set sonic screwdrivers
  • Sonic pen
  • Candy cane sonic screwdriver
  • River Song's sonic screwdriver

If you would like more information, you can either visit our main wiki (WIP) or our community wiki that. Info is regularly updated, if you see something missing please contact us on our community Discord!

You can also visit the SWD Community Discord server for any questions you might have about the mod, by using our #support channel there! It also is a good place to discuss the Dalek Mod and find friends from it's public Minecraft server.

 If you have a problem with CurseForge, or just wish to download the mod from another trustworthy place, you can also visit the download page for the Dalek Mod on our own website!



Dalek Mod is a project that we at SWDTeam make as a group of friends, not as a job. So we really appreciate any donations we get, which we use to fund our public server, the web hosting we for our files, etc. help toward us have more time for working on the mod!


Extra developer credits:


Bug1312 - Programmer, Assets
Edrax_Doodles - Programmer, Assets
dhi_holo - Assets
Mosdi - Assets
owogoat - Assets
Ollyyyy - Assets
WYLDDOG - Assets

A special thanks to all of our past contributors, as well as long-time community members!


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Posted: May 19, 2022

How can you have the 1st Doctor's sonic if the 2nd invented it?

Posted: May 16, 2022

When’s the next update coming out

Posted: May 13, 2022

So yeah, Playing multiplayer world and I summoned my tardis and it came. but where it was landed originally, didn't go away. So now I have loads of invisible Tardises scattered around the world that are mine but I can't move them. Every time I land I create more

Posted: May 12, 2022

Hey i was reading about Skaro on the dalek mod wiki and it said kaled domes would spawn and dalek cities as well as ship over skaro, what version did this happen? I can't remember it

BenElfBeta Tester
Posted: May 13, 2022

1.12.2 - update 64 is the latest update for 1.12.2

Posted: February 22, 2022

hi, im faced with a litle problem, im building a tardis in a singleplayer world, with some other rooms and corridors and stuff, but at some point I reach the maximum limit of my tardis interior, I've tried changing that in the config. but then I loose ownership of the tardis, he mod just stops recognizing it as a tardis, like I can use the monitor and stuff, so is there a way to expand my tardis boundary? using commands or something

BoodoovolBeta Tester
Posted: March 22, 2022

touch late reply but I would think enabling cheats and then doing ` /worldborder set [value] ` should work