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[Youtube Channel] SWD Extra

SWD Extra

What's SWD Extra?

SWD Extra is a brand new channel run by the DMU staff. On here we will play TTT, GTA, Minecraft and other group games. We may bring guests onto some of our videos

What videos will we make?

We plan to make TTT videos and other Gmod gamemodes as well as GTA videos. We will also do some modded Minecraft survival. We aim to make videos with multiple staff members in. We may run talk shows and live streams to.

How can I get involved?

We always want to hear your suggestions, games we should play, guests we should have? If you think you have an idea that will greatly help us then tell us.

Who is involved?

well it all depends on the videos, we have multiple recorders so they’ll usually be one or 2 in there. We have lots of the dmu staff who can’t wait to start recording. We may even bring some guest on to some of our videos if we feel kind.

Aren't you just copying the Yogscast?

No?... Maybe a little.




I'm gonna subscribe twice and dislike all videos, also can i upload cause im epic

...Why? Also, when's the first video coming, eh?

 very good question, we film our first video on Saturday, playing TTT. then its going to be edited so soon, I guess.

Who's excited to watch some of the dmu staff play some TTT?

 I know I am, but that's not today. Instead we have another Gmod game mode, and lucky you it comes out soon.

The first SWDExtra video is here, featuring me, Dutch, del and Jayson. With a brilliant intro from cydoeshybrid


Hey guys we've hit 50 subscribers and we'd like to thank you all for your support. We are going to carry on making videos and as time goes on the quality will improve. If you guys have any suggestions for games we should play tell us as we love to hear from you guys.

hey guys, we've got a new video. Sorry it took so long we had troubles editing as you'll see at the start. We really enjoyed playing some TTT and I think it's a gamemode we may play often.

we're doing the first of a fortnightly D&D livestream today, in 20 minutes. we'll be working on our characters and going over how the stream will work, be sure to tune in at 3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM3sJdfZeTcqXHSS8tc-g5Q/live

Hey guys just to update you, since the last message we've done quite a few videos and live streams. I'll link them all here for you to see:

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We've had a lot of fun doing all of these recently and hope you have enjoyed watching them.

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