Why I Quit Modding - By 1WTC (John B)

Many people have probably noticed that I no longer mod Minecraft and I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why this is the case and why I do not plan on returning to modding. This will cover everything from iKing drama from many years ago, through to the Khotarri drama and the Sub drama which eventually led to the Timelord Gamer (George K) incident.

To start off, when I began modding back in 2012 I did it as a way of learning to code, it was a bit of fun and I really enjoyed it as it was a way for me to learn and expand upon a game a really enjoyed playing. After making a few small mods I decided to try my hand at making a fun little mod to release, this mod would eventually turn into “The Dalek Mod”. In the beginning I worked on it completely by myself. However as we went into 2013 I started working with UWDF1 (Sam L) and then not long after that RedDash16 (John H) joined the team. Around this time we would have lots of issues with the DWCM, mainly petty arguments between both parties claiming each other stole features and ideas etc. This never really put me off as It was really just a competition, we essentially made the same product, the only difference was ours was available for download. We would continuing the back and forth bickering for a long while.

The first major problem occurred on March 7th 2014, during a Skype call between Sam, John and myself we were discussing the launch of the SWDTeam YouTube channel, this led to an argument between John H and Sam (S:”What happened to you John” J:”What’s happened to me?! What’s happened to you!“). Shortly after this Sam left the team and it was just me and John for a short while.

Later that year YouTuber02 (Luke), Khotarri and Didgeridoomen (Matt) joined the team, things were all good again, the mod was still enjoyable, we were still having our petty arguments with the DWCM, but everything was still good and would be until April of 2015 when we were tipped off about a video being made by the iKing. This was the infamous “SWDTeam Cyberbullies” video. Basically, a certain community member who will not be named decided to send some screenshots to the iKing of Khotarri saying something which somewhat resembled his home address on the old DMU server. Of course this was not acceptable and Khotarri was removed from the team as a result and we all apologized for what had happened and explained some other allegations which were untrue or taken out of context, to which iKing apologised for.

This was another one of those moments which started taking the fun out of it. However I will still keen to keep going as we all had a lot of plans. The next big issue was in early 2016, me and John H and a massive falling out, mainly due to Khotarri. This falling out hurt me a lot as John H was a very good friend of mine. But to keep the whole thing short, we fell out and acted a bit like idiots towards one another and then eventually made up again in 2017. This though was another one of the things which was starting to put me off of Minecraft modding. I was getting fed up of all the drama and upset it caused. This was one of the first times I considered quitting modding and calling it a day, however I decided to see it through and eventually things got better again.

There were however other small incidents between then and things getting better which didn’t help matters, such as the DWCM release, which was full of controversy. DM code was found in the DWCM, we announced that we had found it, they claimed it was from the partnership. However iKing shared a commit date of the code which showed it was added months after the partnership ended. People were not happy and as a result iKing resorted to calling me names on Twitter we resorted to calling him names and it just turned into another big mess where were were both letting out anger talk for us rather than trying to resolve the issue in a calm manner. At this point I was done with the DWCM lot altogether and I never spoke with them again. It was a shame because away from the modding scene they were pretty nice people and I enjoyed chatting with them from time to time.

After this however everything started to recover, modding became enjoyable again and we were just having a lot of fun. It was then we decided to add Sub to the team. This made everything even more enjoyable, we were all enjoying what we were doing and it was all plain sailing. That was until rumours started to come out about Sub and how he had apparently been abusive towards certain people. This along with how Sub kept dragging personal issues into SWDTeam was causing me to get more and more frustrated. Usually because I would be left to clean up the mess left behind. Me and John H had a phone call and decided it would be best to remove him from the team and development for a undetermined duration of time whilst he had a break and tried to work stuff out. Of course it wasn’t this simple. Things were instantly misunderstood and taken out of context which led to a backlash against us and claims that we were bullying Sub. Of course this wasn’t the case but what can you do? People on the internet see something, assume it’s true and then go with it.

I spoke to many close friends about this issue, Matt H, George K (Timelord Gamer), CookieRaider (GF) and a few others and we all agreed that it was probably best to call it a day and take a step back from MC. I was getting fed up with it and others could also see that I was getting fed up with it.

I initially spoke with George K about this and my feelings towards what was happening and everything happening with Sub and he understood completely and supported me and stayed be my side almost throughout the whole ordeal.

For those of you that don’t know George K (Timelord Gamer) was somebody who would always put his friends first and would never stand by when he saw one of his friends being hurt.

He told me that he was going to make a video and expose sub and his gang. Whilst I appreciated it I couldn’t let him do it as I knew it would just add fuel to the already raging fire. However Sub had become aware of this and fro what we had heard was planning to retaliate. We had people calling us Nazis for associating with him (he liked to post WW2 memes), we had people calling us all sorts because of it. However I wasn’t going to let them also attack my best friend and so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I couldn’t help George for fear of them attacking him and us, and I couldn’t help them because I wasn’t going to sit back and let them abuse my friend.

After a lot of conversation between myself and George we decided to best course of action. He wrote up a treaty between the two of them. The whole thing was fake a meaningless, but it was drawn up in the hopes of calming the situation. Which on the surface it did appear to do.

Even though everything seemed calm once again I was done with modding. I decided I would keep the servers running and the download available for people, but I was not going to develop mods anymore.

Whilst I thought everything was fine though it appeared it wasn’t. I noticed George was acting different, he didn’t really seem himself and I had raised concern with a few friends about this. Then in June / July George told me he had fallen out with John H, I don’t know what was said, but I know he didn’t want anything to do with him anymore, nor for me to work on a project I was doing for him with John H. I briefly spoke to him about this on the phone and was told it had something to do with his Enclave server (which had fallen apart).

Not long after this I got a random message from George K stating along the lines of “Whatever happens in the next 2 weeks, it’s not your fault.”. I queried what this was in relation to however he just told me he mentioned Khotarri in a video. Didn’t really believe him but I wasn’t going to pester hm about it.

A week later on August 1st 2018 I received a farewell message from him. I was a little concerned when I first read it, but I also thought “It’s probably just George messing around”, however I checked his Twitter and suddenly it took a very drastic turn. During this time I had been getting ready for work and had just left the house. I rushed into work, parked up and got on the phone to his mum and told her what was going on and to go check on him immediately. About 30 mins later she phones me back and tells me that all is good and that he’s taking a break. However 2 days later I get a message from her asking for “Thoughts and prayers” and then she blocked me. This was very odd and I tried not to worry too much until I had heard something more solid. Eventually on August 26th 2018 after just arriving on my holiday I got a message from Matt. It was a screenshot of George’s facebook saying that he had taken his life. Immediately I connected all the dots and I was devastated.

It was at this time I decided to take the decision and shut everything down. Some of you may remember how the SWDTeam site was offline for a long time. I took it down out of respect for him. I was fed up of seeing people get hurt because of a game.

Later when I discovered that he had faked the whole thing and was on the internet under a new username playing D&D and laughing a joking about faking his death I put everything back online. I kept an eye on him for a while in the hope of talking to him, not to become friends again, or ask for him to come back but just to talk. It was clear though that he didn’t want to and would rather keep on hiding. So I just moved on and forgot about him. It’s very sad to lose him as a friend, but it’s clear he just doesn’t care. Nobody is after him anymore, nobody wants to attack him over his posts and controversial content anymore. Nobody ever was. But I hate seeing how all the drama from earlier in the year played a part in what happened to him. Nobody should have to go through what he went through. I admit I was very harsh towards him when I found out what he did. But he happily sit back and let me believe for a while that I was to blame for him killing himself.

All of this over the course of the past 7 years ruined modding for me. Whilst I made some amazing friends, I also lost some of those amazing friends too, Khotarri, George, Sam etc.

So to conclude, I no longer do modding, I don’t want to do modding again. I don’t enjoy it and I don’t like the upset it causes. I would have rather kept my friends I lost than kept up with the DM another few years.

For all those thinking, is this the end of the DM? No no its not. It will probably continue, but as of August 2018 I do not make it anymore. Sub and Ed took over development of it and they have an update almost ready to come out. I just want to move on from it, it was 6 years of my life, I enjoyed most of it, but at the same time I hated some of it too.

I’ve moved onto other stuff since, I work on my own non MC related projects as well as work on projects for other people and companies.

Just one last note, if you were mentioned in this please understand that I have nothing against you. Just certain actions led to what happened. I always give second chances, even to those who I really don’t think deserve them.


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Posted: May 12, 2019

We've had a long ass wild ride, John. I made mistakes, we all made mistakes but at the end of the day it isn't worth getting worked up over. You've done tons of great work on this mod and brought so many people together, you should be proud of what you started and what you have achieved. if there is any good time for you to take a step back and leave the modding scene, it's now. No one is going to think badly of you for it, you've done more than enough for this mod and the community. Despite all that has happened I look back on the Dalek Mod with a lot of Joy because I was a part of something big and that's all thanks to you, for letting me work with you, Cheers. I'm more than glad to keep working with you on anything you like in the future.

Thanks a ton John

- Red John

IldiemBeta Tester
Posted: May 12, 2019

You will be missed John. I completely understand where you're coming from but it'll be sad to see you go.

MilkPlsBeta Tester
Posted: April 23, 2019


Subzero49Beta Tester
Posted: April 20, 2019

Goodbye John. Thank you for everything that you have done over the years, for making a huge part of my childhood, and best of luck in your future endeavors. Vale.

RBeta Tester
Posted: April 08, 2019

see ya around John, thanks for making life more bearable

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