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I'm banned for EVER but I didn't type the n word [Denied]

username: dcb_752

reason of the perm ban: racism

what I was last doing on the server: getting ready to extend my tardis

what the hacker typed: the n word

what should I do: idk

type of ban: perm

I've been banned before but idk how this ban works and I hope I'm not like @AmbientStudios and I wish to be unbanned

but all I know is I'm hacked

and the hacker hacked me good

I'm currently playing: minecraft fabric 1.17.1 modded

 helo? pls anyone come help me get unbanned even Bug1312 pls :(((((((((((

Instead of spamming the forums, I recommend you wait until staff can look at your appeal and review it despite the fact that the "my account got hacked/my brother did it not me" excuse is not believed. 



I will be denying your appeal since you clearly knew what you were doing. You were muted for 30 minutes on 2 august for spamming a lot. And today you got banned for saying a racist word and also using other swearing words and using caps. You can appeal in 1 month from now. 

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