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[EVENT] DMU 2021 Olympics

DMU Olympics 2021 - Vardos


Heya, XP here.

So, I heard about how 2 years ago there were the DMU Olympics, and I thought: “Why not continue them again?”

So, I’m working on creating the 2021 Olympian Stadium!

I need all the help I can get flattening a 150 by 100 area, it’s partly done but still needs a little work. 
I’ll be paying workers by how much they do, and can pay up to 5k if you do well enough helping out.

I’ll also need suppliers to help supply us with Vardos Stone for the outside, Quartz and Blue Quartz for the inside, overworld grass, terracotta and white terracotta for the main stadium, as well as glow stone to light up the stadium.

This’ll take an estimated week to complete.


Olympic Sports, Participation and Rewards

No large scale event can work without actual events, right?

There’ll be a multitude of events, so I’ll list them here.


Round 1: 50 block sprint 

Round 2: 50 block swim

Round 3: Rigged eating competition because eating takes the same amount of time

Round 4: Delorean obstacle course 

Round 5: Ice boating around the arena

Round 6: PvP with fists only

Round 7: Mining the most obsidian with a wooden pickaxe

Round 8: Hit the most targets with a bow and arrow




9-10 towns may sign up for the Olympics, and each town must select one member to participate.

9-10 because DMU staff may have up to 3 staff participating (if you’re staff and reading this remember you are invited as long as you use no commands (I’m looking at you rainbowdestiny) or sabotage any other players as a joke)


The prizes consist of items that towns may use for their town members.

1st place acquires a schism and 2 elixirs of life

2nd place acquires 2 elixirs of life

3rd place acquires 1 elixir of life


Prizes aren’t final because I feel like that’s not enough but I haven’t restocked my supplies 

If DMU staff get first I uhhh



i don’t actually know 

The faster we get this stadium built the faster we can host the Olympics so either DM me at XPalidocious#0001 or respond in this forum to help!

Progress so far:

Area flattened

Basic structural walls built but not finished

TARDIS parking dug out

Vortis Stone slave mines prepared 

Basic staircase created

Vortis stone miners needed!

Builders needed!


Also, if staff do read this, could they notify me if they wish to participate (expected to be ready next month or within 2 weeks) so I can calculate how much of what material I need

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