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DMU Staff questions [ANSWERED]

Heya, XP here.

So, I’ve applied for DMU staff, and if by the odd chance I’m accepted I’d rather start off knowing about how staff works so I had a few questions, and if I’m not allowed to know for whatever reason that’s completely fine with me.

First of all, do staff have a quota, a certain amount of time they have to be on for, or a certain amount of moderations they have to do? 
Second, how does the trial period work? Is it a set amount of time, a required amount of moderations, or a certain supervised period? 
And third, are staff permitted to cheat in items that do not benefit anyone but them, such as elytras? I know of course if the answer is yes though, they cannot drop it for others.

Thanks for this



So for DMU staff we have to be fairly active. There isn’t a specific amount of time we have to be on for as long as we’re active on the server on a regular basis unless we let SWD know of any inactivity we may get. 

the trial period is usually for training. So it depends how quickly the trial staff is able to grasp moderating without help or supervision from a more experienced staff member. And finally yes we can use creative and world edit freely as a reward for being staff. However we are not allowed to use these perms to benefit other players like build for them or give them stuff from creative (unless it’s during an event or pre agreed with SWDTeam). 
good luck with your application and remember dont pester staff about whether it’s been accepted! If it is you will find out whenever we decide to hire :) 

And I'm sure any other questions you have about staff perms etc, will be answered if you become a staff member

Thank you both!

I know not to pester staff as it can really be irritating, trust me I know, but you’ve been a big help as now I know all I needed.

Have a great day you two!

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