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How to make a suggestion!

Hello, this is an important post about how you should make a suggestion to one of our Minecraft mods, video games, or other. It's something important to consider please, as a badly formatted suggestion might go ignored or misunderstood.


Here are the 3 steps you should use when making a suggestion!

Step 1: Check if someone has already suggested this.
Sometimes you may have an idea that another user has already suggested recently, so you should make sure to see if that's happened. If it has, you can still post your version of the idea if it's different enough or even comment/reply to them with your additional ideas!

Step 2: Please explain your suggestion properly.
You might have an idea that sounds cool (example: Add that one Dalek! Put in a color variant! Make this one planet!), but unless you give details about why, it'll be ignored or come across as bloat. Please add substance to your idea!

Here are some things to ask or talk about to properly explain your idea:

• How will it work/what will it do?
• Why is it a good idea, or what makes it fun?
• What makes your idea stand out from other features that exist?
• Does it benefit the gameplay or content you are suggesting to?

Step 3: Make sure it conveys your idea well.
If your idea doesn't make sense from misspellings or not giving much substance, it's likely to discourage us from suggestions. If it's too short, it might not explain your idea. But if it's too long, it'll be tough to read or consider. So please try your best when giving an idea!


If you're still unsure at this point, here is a suggestion formatter to get you started!

Suggestion: (Put the name here! You don't need this if it's a forum post, only if it's a Discord post)

What it does: (Here is where you express info like attack strategies for Minecraft mobs, features in a dimension/location, visual distinctions, etc.)

How it benefits: (This is where you can say how your suggestion compliments with gameplay, artistically, consistency, or just how it can be built off of in the future)

Why it would be cool: (Here is where you would write why you would want to see it, whether it's for fun positive reasons or negative consequential reasons)

Here are examples of what to do and what not to do:

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What not to do:
add the tardis from 5th doctor and also make green daleks

Make a variant of the 80s interior from season 11 where the colors are different as seen in these pictures as the current one in the mod isn't really accurate (This is where there would be a lot of pictures from the television show after)

Put in 2005 tripods from war of the worlds

What to do:
Suggestion: Please re-add Dalek Storm to Dalek Mod

Features: Dalek Storm would be a boss mob, with 120 health and the ability to teleport around it's boss chamber. Unlike normal Daleks it should have two weapons, similar to the Special Weapons Dalek guns but more deadly and without explosions. Killing the boss should drop special Dalekanium that you can craft anti-Dalek weapons with.

How it would benefit the game: I think that having more boss mobs in Dalek Mod would give variation to enemies, and add goals to achieve.

Why I think it would be cool: Dalek Storm is one of my favorite Dalek designs, so representing him in a mod about them would be so cool.

Please remember, visual variants that don't serve much unique gameplay, or benefit the existing content (like dye color versions of something in a Minecraft mod) are things we do not look for. If you ask for them, we'll likely be even less likely to do them.

Also, if you happen to have images or drawings for your suggestion, please include those too (through threads if on Discord), so we can get a better understanding of your idea!


Thank you for reading through, and we hope to see your cool ideas explained!

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