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[Discord Ban Appeal] tristan.#1939: Reason For Ban: Arguing with and insulting staff for absolutely no reason.

Discord  Account Username and ID: tristan.#1939


Why you were banned: Arguing with and insulting staff for absolutely no reason.


Ban duration: Permanent


What were you doing last in the discord: I was pretending to be the victim of staff treating me bad for presumably no reason as well.


Any previous bans: 2, the second one is what I am appealing for.


Why you think you should be pardoned early: I believe I should be pardoned as I am truly apologetic for the way I behaved towards the helpers and other staff at that moment. I had believed at that moment that they were trying to take the piss out of me on purpose and that the system of warns, etc., were unfair towards me and me only. I have now just realized that it was me continuously breaking the rules by swearing too much or being rude towards other members. 

Me after the rebanning continuously rejoining with alternate accounts to purposefully take the piss out of more staff like Raccoon was definitely not appropriate and I personally apologise to them, along with the rest of the staff and SWD team. I also believe I should be pardoned, as I have learnt my lesson about this stuff.

If I do think I am becoming my past self again I will simply take a break, something I should've done months ago, before the bans would've even happened.

Again, I am deeply sorry for whatever I've done, and hope you can trust me enough to unban me again and be able to see that I can prove myself to be a better person. The 3 months I have not spent in the server and mostly in isolation from other popular servers with the exception of  PRPC,  I would like to have taught me a lesson and made me better, like said above. 

Thank you, and have a good day/night.


Not answering the appeal, just have a question. Why did you make it all bold? It's going to hurt people's eyes...



After careful consideration we've decided to accept your appeal, however note the following:

You will be put on Warning 3 from the start, so one mistake and you're out again.

If you do manage to get banned again, every appeal made within 6 months of the new ban date will automatically be rejected.

Make sure to follow the rules this time, otherwise this could be the last time an appeal gets accepted.



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