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Look at the Website for new news for 1.9.10, it's going to be released tomorrow!!!

(Link Removed) This is the New 1.9.10!!! It's coming out soon!!!!

Using logic, i thought that the site would be fake(since we're in 1.9.2)so i decided to check and report it here wether it's fake or not....My logic did not account for a screamer.....flipped my heart like a pancake xDD gg

Congrats you're getting a 24 hour ban for that, No screamers it's not 2006 it's 2016.


First rule of the site..april fools or not


The serious rules (Your account will most likely be banned after breaking these)
-You will not post anything racist, sexist, pornographic,gore filled or anything generally upsetting/disturbing

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