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[DMU Ban appeal] dreenix72 (explaination for whats going on in my last blog in the forum)

Hi DMU people...

this is my blog for explaining whats going on in the last 3 month and something i really have to say about u guyses reply in my last blog.

last blog:  Here


First of all. To Joee3 and JimmyDolphin

what do i mean is totally same with Jimmydolphin's explaination in that blog, thats really what do i mean, althrough i know i shouldnt even loggin the server with a client.


Secondly, To Ms Danita_Heartfilla.

all the things that im saying is true.

As a chinese, my english grammar and language structure could be wired, sorry about that

what do i wanna say is that, 

1.i did use my girlfriend and my best friend's minecraft account, which is Microsoft72 and Minecraft_HMG, but im saying that these account were my ALT

2.i did use Inpact hack client to loging the server in that day, which is a lovely day in 3 months ago.   i was not really using it, as i said, im using it to make some Minecraft videos with The Dalek Mod in it, and for that video, due to the purpose of fast building, i did use that client in my singleplayer world, but for logging  DMU Public, thats just checking out if my friend were online or not.


Finally, ill say that December 1 will be my last time of sending appeal, if i did not pass it, i will feel sorry for that (ha......

and ummm, i do love this community, still wish to comeback....


Thats it, thanks for your time.


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