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Ban appeal

Minecraft username: _Its_Golden_


Why you were banned: Using xray cheats to unfairly strip mine. 

Ban duration: one month


What were you doing last on the server: Strip mining with absolutely 0 texture packs enabled, with the only mods in my folder being the dalek mod, hwyla, jei, journeymap and optifine.


Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I was unfairly banned from the server based on a completely misguided accusation from one of your mods, "paul". He stated that I was using xray cheats to unfairly strip mine, this however is not true. I am able to provide solid proof that I was NOT using xray cheats. However, your mod could not provide any sort of proof or reason as to why I might be xraying. He teleported me to a jail right in the middle of a strip mining session, Interrogated me, then promptly banned me for a month. Please look over this case and do what you think is right. If you need proof or want to ask me any other questions, my discord dms are open at 24k Gold#1104. Thank you for considering.


actually we got a video from paul seeing you xraying in GM3 and few littles messages from private messages like you with talking to an other player saying you was using a xray . and actually all of the staff team have access to all of these proof so dont worry that paul didnt banned you without solids proof too. Paul filmed you and we took screens from private conversations made on the server .


any thing else to say or you need more arguments ?


of course we can give you the video and the screens from these conversations if you need 




Hi _Its_Golden_,

Firstly I would like to say that no staff member ever bans a players without the appropriate evidence for that ban. As Tested has explained above, Paul provided a video where he was spectating you clearly x-raying for resources. You even told another player in whisper that you were using X-ray (see pic below) 

As you can see Paul has sufficient evidence to justify your small ban for x-raying. Therefore your ban will be upheld and appeal denied on this occasion. 
when you return to DMU I advise you to remove all X-ray texture packs as if you are caught using them again the ban length will be longer. 


DMU Admin 

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