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Mods can u check in on my account and start it up if you havent yet

 What is wrong with your account? I do see you bought a custom rank. Please note it normally takes up to 48 hours to make the rank, because John (1WTC) Need to make it manually. Sometimes it can take longer, because John can be busy with other stuff.

We can't help you with making the rank, because DMU staff members can't access the server files. 1WTC is the owner of the server and can access the server files. 

oh ok but what about co-owners like friends of John

Please be patient with the rank. This is what it says on the dmu custom rank store page:



All custom ranks will take up to 48 hours to appear on your account. If we have any problems or questions regarding your request we will either email you or contact you through your profile. A notification will also be sent to your account once your custom rank is ready!






I will be making your rank in the morning, In the meantime could you let me know what colours you'd like your rank to be?



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