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[Discord Ban Appeal - Spreem#8004] Reason - Posting offensive content/Rude Behaviour (2nd Appeal After 6 months, First part is copy and pasted from my

Discord account - Spreem#8004
Ban Reason -  Posting offensive content/Rude Behaviour
What I was doing last in the discord - Posting offensive videos/media 
Any previous bans - N/A
Why should you be pardoned early? - My ban on DMU has recently been lifted along with my ban on the SWD site,  i've been gone for over 7 months and have had time to reflect on my actions. I deeply regret what I did in the discord and wish only for a second chance to once again be apart of the community I let down/completely betrayed, if you do not think me returning to the discord is right I completely understand, thank you for at least taking the time to read this.

Edit 23/12/2021: It has now been over 13 months since my ban from the SWD discord, without repeating what I previous said I am deeply sorry for betraying the communities trust in this way, recently I've been missing the DISCORD and have been wanting to return, if you still do not think it's right for me return fair enough, I've been on the DMU for the first time in months in the last 2 weeks and it's made me realise how much I missed this part of my life, please consider unbanning me, I'll respect your decision, adios.   

Your apology and understanding of the situation is appreciated, however due to the extremity of what content you posted, your appeal is denied.

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