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{Ban Appeal} - TnTStix - Spamming on Discord

[Ban Appeal]- Spamming
02/01/22. 10:15PM
Discord Name - TnTStix#1581

I sent 5 duck emojis in a row and I got banned. I have not had any previous bans.

I am sorry and I am not a spammer, I didn't realise the consequences of what would happen, nor was I doing this with malicious intent. I would like a second chance because I am an active member of the SWD Community and I love to see the updates come out, and talk to other Doctor Who and Minecraft fans on the Discord. You can see I am committed to SWD because I have bought Beta Access, I guarantee this will not happen again, I am very sorry and I hope I can be allowed to join your Discord once again! I am very excited for DM 1.16.5 and hope this issue can be resolved.


Hey, it seems our bot is very sensitive with banning people, sorry for that! I've unbanned you now.

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