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[Discord Ban appeal] Lightlim#8531

Lightlim#8531 / 131556948544978944

Why you were banned:
I Was Not Given A Reason For The Ban. It Could Have Been The Admins Thinking I'm Joking, Or Something Which Sounded Vaguely Threatening

Ban duration:
I Was Not Told How Long I Am Banned For.

What were you doing last in the discord:

I Was Speaking In General And Was Ejected Multiple Times From The Server. I Wasn't Given Any Warning Or Reason Why, So I Joined Back And Asked, And Was Then Banned. I Think Someone May Have Been Having A Bad Day And I Apologise If I Made That Worse. If The Reason Was That I Said Something Threatening, It Was Only In Jest And I Am Sorry For My Distasteful Humour. If I Could At The Least Be Given A Reason For My Ban,  I Would Appreciate That, Even If It Cannot Be Overturned..

Any previous bans:

Why you think you should be pardoned early:
I Was Not Treated Justly If I Did Break Any Rules. No Warnings Were Given And I Was Kicked Multiple Times.

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