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Trapped In Minecraft Infdev (DMU 1.16.5)

So, the story is, I traveled to Minecraft Infdev for a while to rebuild my TARDIS interior in a safe place. I figured no one would travel to infdev that often. Anyway, it was all going great until a lag removal removed all the panels off my console because I was moving them at the time. Now, I only have the Flight lever and no way to set my dimension back to the overworld. I've tried jumping into the void, but that just spawns me back at my TARDIS doors. I can't find anyway to kill myself in Infdev either, so Im kinda trapped.

Please, someone help

Nevermind, I found a chest in the back of my TARDIS with a flint and steal. Not a nice way to go, but at least I'll respawn XD


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