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Staff Afk Notice Thread

Hey all! 


This thread is basically for staff to inform the community when they can't be on the server for extended periods of time. 

Please do not comment on this thread unless you are a staff member with a notice of long leave time.

Name: Kyron13

Time Away: 7 days

Status: Returned


Time away: 7 days. Starts 28/4/16 Ends 5/5/16

Status: Returned

Name: CuriousPlughole

Time away: 14 days. Starts 16/5/16 Ends 30/5/16

Reason: Exams, revision

Name: shaneh7646

Time away: not sure yet 

Reason: keyboard issues, some keys arent working, including w, e and tab. which obviously makes it hard to play and help, will be back once issue is resolved. comment on my profile if you could help

Status: returned,using USB keyboard until new keyboard arrives 

Name: Time_cat/TimeCat

Time away: 2 weeks.

Reason: exams, general school stuff.

( a bit late due website problems on mobile )

Name: EdusgprNetwork 

Time away: 7 days [Ends 06/30/2016]

Reason: Grounded for using the computer too much while in exams week

Status: Returned

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