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MC 3D models

Heya! XP here.


I’ve been learning 3D design and been working on a couple 3D models for concepts of future items, I’ve been learning for about 3 hours now, what do y’all think of this Cyber Wrist Blaster?

You can see where I was working with lower poly pixels but then discovered I could go even smaller and added more detail

Working on a TARDIS exterior in memory of the Red Phone Booths currently being taken down. What do y’all think of it so far? (Not done)

Thank you! I’m thinking of working on a DM data pack for exteriors and a few items, only thing troubling me is I would need a coder.

Hey XP. Your Models looks absolutely fantastic. You seem to be a good modeler. I might get in to modelling aswell

Why thank you! Gonna work on more soon. If you want to get into pixel modelling, use Blockbench.

i have run out of imagination so am trying to figure out what to do 

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