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second ban appeal

 Torchwood_one bypass world border (this is not allowed) 3 months



i was banned for bypassing the world border

ban duration: 3 months


what were you doing last on the server:i was in my tardis i believe.


why do you think you should be pardoned early: i believe i should be unbanned as i've been banned for a month so far and i'm missing out on so much, plus i co operated with staff when i was asked by joe to stay inside the world border and i complied. I didn't know going outside the world border was against the rules because the staff members i spoke to did not tell me it was and it was also not on the rule board which makes it difficult for players and staff alike to know what the rules are.  I also believe i should be pardoned because when i first found out i was outside the world border it was a staff member who told me as i asked them why i could not break blocks and they didn't tell me i could not be out there. if there are any questions you would like to ask be feel free. Thank you for your time. Torchwood_one


I have looked through your ban, and have decided due to the circumstances, we will give you another chance.

Make sure to re-read the rules to hopefully avoid this confusion again.


~Kiseki {DMU Admin} and Pool {DMU Admin}

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