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[DM 1.16.5] DWCM Addon


What does this addon do?

This addon adds in the default TARDIS from the DWCM as well as it's later styled interior. The exterior can be selected from the default exterior selection menu as well as obtained through the chameleon circuit. The interior is also availble through the ARS. The interior is a lot larger than the default Dalek Mod interiors so please be aware of this when using the ARS to change interior as you will lose more than just the main console room.


How do I install it?

Download the .jar and place it in your mods folder.


Which version of the mod does this work for?

The current release of the addon works for U65 of the DM for 1.16.5.



Download DWCM addon






DWCM by iKingsSGC

Interior build recreation: Ed

Addon code and TARDIS model recreation: 1WTC

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