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server ban appeal :reason Tardis hopping


Tardis hopping

until 8-30

i was joining a town with eggy

I wasn't Tardis hoping i went into Jaxmedow's Tardis and went into another Tardis in his and i said it was Tardis hopping but jax told me that was a different thing. i meant tho i went into his tardis into another one of his he told me it was ok i know travaling to other tardis's is a bannable offence but i didnt do that 


I understand that they could of given you permission to enter their TARDIS, however you do so by entering it normally through the exterior, and not in the TARDIS dimension.

We have evidence of this and this is not allowed, therefore you shall stay banned.


You may re-appeal in 3 weeks.

~Kiseki {DMU Admin}

This thread has been locked.