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[DMU Suggestion] Mail system

IGN: ____cyber____ (In chat it is dalek_destroyer1)

feature: /mail commands

how do you suggest we implement this?: put the /mail command into the server

Description:The /mail system is commands like /mail send etc, so you can contact people without an SWDTeam account even when they aren't on, and when you enter the server it would tell you how much mail you have, or if you like it could be linked to you gmail. that last part isn't necessary

Anything else?: not really nope

also maybe like a chat system on the website??

Reminds me of this suggestion some time back link. I like it.


Is this an existing system in other servers?

xD arc u dont get out on other servers do you?? 

xD arc u dont get out on other servers do you?? 

 Honestly, I've been a bit too busy to XD 
I used to play on Mineplex, Hypixel, and BPR a lot though

yeah... DMU does that xD

only just got back on one of my favs lichcraft today

also the mail command could notify your SWDTeam website profile

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