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[Ban Appeal] Ron_1230 [Result: Pardoned]

Hey my Minecraft username is Ron_1230


I was banned for 24 hours for tardis bridging. I admit I was bridging but me and my friend agreed to do it so we could walk to each others tardises. The rules say "No tardis bridging without permission." Me and my friend did it together so I would appreciate it if I was unbanned.



You are bannes for 24 hours so You will be unbanned soon

Its only a 24h and also if your tardises weren't right next to each other then you were bridging across other tardises without permission.

they were next to each other. There were no other tardises between mine and his!

 Ok. Can you do me a favor and check your chat longs prior to the ban? I need to know who was online at the time

 Go to C:\(Computer Username)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\logs and open the one for the day you bridged. Look for names around where you asked, and give me a time for when you asked

OK so here is the extract [21:35:54] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <§7[§2Default§7] §r§rDieSuppe2_0§r> do we wanna build a Bridge?

[21:36:07] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <§7[§2Default§7] §r§rRon_1230§r> OK!

We then realized it wasn't his tardis so we broke the brigde and then found his actual tardis so made a bridge to it. and it was all fine until this morning when I came back to play and found I was banned.

Ok. And can you give a list of other people who were in game at the time from reading the chat log?

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