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doctorwhofan01 griefing 2months - perma ban

my name is doctorwhofan01 i was banned for griefing 2-months - perma ban i mined a tardis next to mine  i should be unbanned early because i think a year is long enough right 

Hello! Please if you're gonna make an appeal please do so using this format https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=4191 <----- Please. 

Also you don't have to keep posting so many! Im sure Joe has told you this. 

if you really cannot be bothered to follow the format, the longer it will take.



Minecraft Username:
Reason of Ban:
Length of Ban:

Why you think you should be pardoned early:


omg thanks mate i tried doing the format but i keep doing it wrong

This thread has been locked.