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[DMU Ban appeal] Your MC Username: Reason for ban: Theft [Ban Length: 3 months which is nearly over]

Minecraft username: Demonmaster_MD (Recorded on this site as MasterDylanPlays)


Why you were banned: Large theft.


Ban duration: About 3 months


What were you doing last on the server: IDK. I would check my recordings but they are on my old PC and I don't really want the effort to have to set it back up just for a few recordings


Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): 

  • First to mention, I understand there isn't much of the ban duration. I just really wanna play some DMU. 
  • I do regret all the stealing we did. If anything it was an act of laziness to get a TARDIS. I hope you have returned everything.
  • I am in a few teams. I am in a infdev civilisation who said they would remove players that are not active, and a group of "pirates" I am second in command of. This would be beneficial for those people. Just to clarify, only me and a guy called i_eated_ur_mu were stealing.
  • If you don't trust that I won't go on a and steal anymore, then just ban me again.
  • I wish to make up for it. I will do you a favour at Ur will 
  • Thx for reading

I may as well bring up this whilst in a thread about bans, but I don't know why my ban was significantly longer than my friend (i_eated_ur_mu - weird username ik) when we were both going around stealing as much stuff.






I just want to clarify about the post I altered, hiding the issue it was about, when you have 2 teleport pads that are linked to the spot of each other, I used them and stuff happened and it ended up in the server crashing. I recently attempted this on my private DM server, but it seems to not work. If you want more details then ask; this is a ban appeal not a bug report



Hello, I'll be taking your appeal.

I will be declining on the basis that:

A) Your ban expires in three days.

B) The server is currently down for maintenance while the new server is being set up, so if I did unban you, you wouldn't be able to join anyways.

See you in 1.16.5 part B

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