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Animal Pen/Barnyard Tardis

Username: ShaneH7646

Feature Name: an Animal Pen/Barnyard Tardis

Lore/Brief Background (Or "As seen in" if not from Doctor Who canon): N/A

Description of Feature: A Tardis Exterior that is a Animal Pen/Barnyard

What is the purpose of this: Aesthetical


Made by me :) I left the fence gate out as I didnt know how that is done for tardis's


Built by me and edusgprnetwork

Pigs not included

I think this would be quite a nice addition in the future, and should maybe come in the same update that the diner does (if they are included that is)

Thats a good idea Curious. oh and DieSuppe2_0 and I are thinking about bridging our tardises again. DON"T BAN US AGAIN WE ARE ALLOWED TO BRIDGE WITH THE PERMISSION OF BOTH OWNERS TARDIS!!!! AND WE BOTH WANT TO!!!

doctor, that has nothing to do with this post

Good concept, but it should still have a console, rather than the controls just stacked on some hay bales.

This has my support.

A very original idea, and a very great build for an interior

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