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Username: CuriousPlughole

Feature Name: Chess board/interface

Lore/Brief Background (Or "As seen in" if not from Doctor Who canon): The doctor can be seen in multiple episodes talking about chess or playing it. (such as nightmare in silver)

Description of Feature: This could either be a model for decoration, or it could be clicked on to give a chess GUI that allows people to play chess. Once two people are in a game, the interface should become no longer accessible to other players.

What is the purpose of this: Could be used simply as a decoration or something to do for players who constantly say 'I'm boored'. Players could also hold tournaments on the servers and could give prizes of credits to the winning player. (If the system automatically gave a player credits, it could be exploited as a way to get free credits)

Please leave your thoughts and opinions or anything else you have to add!

Also: I think this should be crafted with plastic or wood, I might draw a picture and add it when I have time :)

It has been a number of times hasn't it?


K9 played chess against Professor Merrius and the Doctor

and Seventh also played Chess during The Silver Nemesis.




Hm... Maybe K9 can play against the player as an AI in singleplayer?

Actually ace made a chess set on DMU public xD using heads of players in his town moderncity

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