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Random Armor Stand Art Things ehhhh...


(This one disappeared)

(This one disappeared as well)

xD these are awesome!! when u r on next i will pay you for some to be put in my town xD

Yeah unfortunately they disappear every now and then, due to clear lag removing all entities I assume. John might be working on a fix for this, as well as for the item frames.

that really is an easy fix, you would have to edit what the lag removal clears which shouldn't be too hard :P correct me if im wrong (sorry if i sound like a douche)

 So yea. Shop will be in my town /warp darkwell


Also Lag Clear DOESN'T Remove them. I've had those designs up for a while (they are all gone now because someone *cough cough* Ace *cough cough*  teleported all entities but yea. Lag Clear won't remove them

I know this is old but I am making a shop for these things in T.A.R.D.I.S. (Eds town)

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