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console edition dimension [OG]

similar to the classic dimension in 1.12 dalek mod it would have console edition sized landmass.s in a world mainly built up of water and stone. in this world you will mainly find 1.12 or under features such as no bees. maybe classic villages. now i wouldve suggested wooden mansions as you would always get atleast 1 per world on the xbox 360. but that would simply be to op. but i think you get where im going with this. console edition sized landmass.s very similar to that of the 1.12 overworld and then at the boarders of those "worlds" you would find seemingly infinite ocean that stretchs out to another console landmass. now id assume this next feature suggestion would be near impossible unless your able to edit the dimensions contrast and saturation. the old console graphics. [yes the ugly ones] this is ofc just a suggestion but i think it would fit in greatly with the dimension list the mod already has in 1.16  please leave your thoughts on the idea in the comments of the thread. 

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