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[Shop Signs]

So I am making a town called Lost City and I am trying to make a shop but I dont know how to make the signs I copy other buy signs its like this right:



TARDIS Monitor

Quantity 1

10 Credits


I tried that and it did not work could someone please teach me how to do the shop signs because someone told me that you could only do that near spawn and there is a town no where near spawn that the signs can be used so please help!

Tardis_101 you cant make signshop i asked Acediajc About if can make signshop but he said no you cant make signshop you need moderator rank

what you can do is (if you are swdbae) copy the sign with the NBT tag and place those sign where you want them

You need to be mod or admin to make shop signs

look at the sign then  press the mouse Wheel button


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