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[Discord Ban Appeal] Jayson.json


Discord account username and ID: jayson.json id = greater than 0


Why you were banned: crabs


Ban duration:  idk


What were you doing last in the discord: banning dmu players


Any previous bans: yeah


Why you think you should be pardoned early: 

I am writing this appeal to express my sincere regret for the situation that led to my ban from the Discord server. I understand that my actions were inappropriate and went against the server's guidelines, particularly in relation to the creation of the Minecraft mod involving crabs running Doom for Joee3. I would like to address the reasons behind my actions and explain why I believe I should be pardoned early.


Tier Protection: First and foremost, I acknowledge that my behavior was disrespectful and against the values of the server. I have taken the time to reflect on my actions and understand that I let down both the server's community and its administrators. I truly value my place within the community and the friendships I have formed there. I am committed to adhering to the server's rules and guidelines in the future to ensure a respectful and enjoyable environment for everyone.


Irresponsibility: I am fully aware that my decision to engage in such an inappropriate and off-topic project was irresponsible. It not only wasted my own time but also detracted from the server's intended purpose and created unnecessary disturbances. I am committed to being more responsible with my actions in the future and ensuring that my contributions align with the server's goals.


Laziness: I realize that my attempt to sidestep my responsibilities by creating an irrelevant project was a lazy approach. Instead of putting in the effort to contribute meaningfully to the server and its community, I chose a shortcut that was both unproductive and disruptive. I understand the importance of actively participating in the community in a positive way, and I am committed to putting in the necessary effort moving forward.


I Don't Care Attitude: It is clear that my attitude and actions reflected a lack of consideration for the server's guidelines and the feelings of its members. This "I don't care" attitude was detrimental to the sense of camaraderie and shared interests within the community. I genuinely care about the server, its members, and the positive experiences we can create together. I am committed to adopting a more considerate and caring approach in the future.


In conclusion, I deeply regret my actions that led to my ban from the server. I am genuinely sorry for my disrespectful behavior and the disruption it caused. I am fully committed to learning from my mistakes, adhering to the server's guidelines, and actively contributing to the positive atmosphere of the community. I kindly request the opportunity to be pardoned early, and I assure you that I will take this second chance seriously and responsibly.



Thank you for your time and consideration.

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