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DM U69 - Addon Changelog

Changes for Addon Creators coming with U69

Last Update: 13/11/2023 21:59 GMT+1 BERLIN



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Interior Events -Added TardisInteriorEvent.ChangeInteriorPosition (Gets Called when the Interior Position gets changed (Door Position)) -Added TardisInteriorEvent.ChangeInteriorARS (Gets Called when the Interior gets changed with the ARS) Exterior Events -Added TardisExteriorEvent.UnlockChameleon (Gets called when Player unlocks a Chamelon via the Chameleon Panel) //Cancelable -Added TardisExteriorEvent.SetChameleon (Gets called when Tardis changes Chameleon) //Cancelable Flight Events -Added TardisPlayerFlightEvent.EnterFlight (Gets called when Player enters flight //Cancelable -Added TardisPlayerFlightEvent.ExitFlight (Gets called when Player exits flight //Cancelable Tardis Events -Added TardisEvent.Mat (Gets called when Tardis Remats) //Cancelable -Added TardisEvent.Demat (Gets called when Tardis Demats) //Cancelable -Added TardisEvent.MatFinish (Gets called when finishes Tardis Remats) -Added TardisEvent.DeMatFinish (Gets called when finishes Tardis Demats) -Added TardisEvent.ForceFieldCreation (Gets called when ForceField should be created) //Cancelable State Detector 

-Added StateDetectorEvent (Gets called during StateDetector Signal Tick)



-Structures have been changed -Structures are now ordered in seperate packages (package com.swdteam.common.structure.structures.overworld, com.swdteam.common.structure.structures.skaro)



Ood -Ood trading now in JSON format State Detector -State Detector jsons inside data/dalekmod/state_detector Angels -Angel jsons inside data/dalekmod/angel_variants

Data - Tags

Cyberman Weakness -Added Cyberman Weakness tag -cyberman_weakness.json

Data - Tardis

  • Tardisses now have "AddConditions", for example:
1 "add_conditions": {
2 "mods": [
3 "test"
4 ]
5 }

if this condition is not met, the tardis exterior will not be added


Data - Sonic Interactions


  • Sonic Interactions are now json driven


Data - Angels

-Angels are now json driven -An Angel json can look like this:

1 {
2 "id": "stone_angel",
3 "general_texture": "dalekmod:entity/weeping_angel/weeping_angel",
4 "chance": 0.9,
5 "ignore_pose_chance": true,
6 "loot_table": "dalekmod:entities/dalek",
7 "spawn_conditions": {
8 "biomes": [
9 "minecraft:plains"
10 ]
11 },
12 "poses": [
13 {
14 "model": "dalekmod:models/angels/default_angel.json",
15 "id": "pose_0"
16 },
17 {
18 "model"

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