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Appeal for ban [Crystarring - MAS_X_Charly] - [Lyra_heartstrings]

[mind the newly recreated account i cant remember my old one its username an password etc]


Howdy there, i have been banned for a couple of months now for harassment to wheezebob and Joee, i'm sure you remember who[i] am

here is a depth detail on what i did to allow you the moderator/administrator to see that i acknowledged my actions[acts] i had done was not good in anyway possible.

i had harassed Wheezebob and joee3 for i believe it was for saying a slur [R-Word] by accident which i took way to harshly and aggressively and did general bad things i wish i could repair. the last thing i was doing on the dalek mod server was i believe chilling in a house i made myself on a planet associated to the TARDIS control panel




Will i repeat what i did and do i fully understand what i did was not negotiable and may very well have me/account limited/appeal declined?

i in all my hearts content am aware of what i did an how bad it was and will not repeat it, over the few past months i've been lecturing myself and trained myself to control my behaviour to my actions, albeit have learned what many words mean an there perspectives, if i the appeal is declined i will not in anyway be furious at all, i am happy to wait longer [re-appeal] or be permanently banned unappeal, which ever it may be i am not going to get offensive at, as its the rightful thing a person or company should do to a said rule-beaker.

Why i should be unbanned for my actions?

 i have learned my lesson through-out the months, and i believe i should be given a 2nd chance to prove myself worthy of being a completely new person from what i was back during the crime i commited, hence due to disorderly issues i suffer from Intellectual disability [i am mentally dumb an i learn things slowly an have a lower IQ hence is why i did not stop when i was told to stop] i have level 2 autism an dyslexia[under-stress] which makes it hard for me to understand an read certain text of words, over the past month as of writting this i have gotten therapy an NDIS[an australian goverment funded disability care service] i will not repeat my actions nor will even be hostile.

for any past incidents from all past ban appeals i created, i no longer will be that said hostile person and i had underestimated myself, i deeply apolagize the chaotic acts i put you all through.

What will i do if i get unbanned?

i will most likely play now an then, but may be hesitate to talk publicly an may reside to just playing more then talking an just enjoy the experience and fun and playing by the RULES.

Minecraft username: XYL_ Clunurentum

Why you were banned:  [this hurts but..] abusing staff, slurring, persistency, non-consent acts etc.

Ban duration:  Permanent

What were you doing last on the server: chilling my my away from keyboard house i think



Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): 
i had harassed Wheezebob and joee3 for i believe it was for saying a slur [R-Word] by accident which i took way to harshly and aggressively and did general bad things i wish i could repair, in all my glory i am aware of what i did was wrong and it will not be repeated an i acknowledge if this appeal is declined an i will not take anything said aggressively or harshly. i have learned my lesson through out the months [year now i think] i believe i should be given a 2nd chance as i suffer from a wide variety of disorders of level 2 autism, dyslexia, intellectual disorder, i feel this ban is unfair due to my disorders an how staff considered me as a "normal" person when i cannot control certain things i do from unable to learn from my mistakes at an instant unlike others can, it can take me several warnings for me to realize my mistake hence is why i went rogue all those few months ago, the more stress i am under the harder it is for me to learn, this long break helped me understand the wrongs of my doing. i was never encourages discrimination or all that stuff i was calling the staff out for it, why would i encourage something i have an i can relate to, i am aware of my disorders an there suffering i would not do that, i hope this clears a few things up now that i am in a shape of mind of peace an not hate, as we speak i am on a plan of a goverment thingy called NDIS its to help children who suffer just like me, i even mentioned some of this stuff i did back then in this community to my therapist thats how much i took it, i deeply apolagize for said threats i did now i look back those threats are just small little packets of sand, nothing more then just me an my big open mouth an my uncontrollable autism, if you decide to give me 1 chance to prove myself worthy once more i will be greatful, i will also not mention any of this again an i would greatly move forward without a repeat of what done at all! here is my perspective of what happened an how i saw it all from full honesty

My perspective: i only harrassed wheenzebob an joee3 to enforce my removal, i dont know why i did this, i still dont know, all i know is it was bad, an the people i made uncomfortable, i do apolagize, i just have to much going on to realize my actions, i had school on top, had mental health issues i was just lost an not in great mind of shape back in 2022[23] i actually joined Dalek mod again to ease some pressure an have fun, not for any of this to happen, but now the choice is yours to unban me, i will not repeat my actions regardless i even know that personally as i only feel normal an happy, even if you.. do declined this for said reason i am happy to continue my future i only return to appeal this an help others i hurt understand my real purpose an not what you all assumed i was trying to do, if you have questions on something else i did not list here feel free to question me i am happy to give you the fullest honesty i can spare, i recently got access to my old account on here, i want to repeat what joee3 an such said of what you thought i did but i will translate it into my perspective an the real purpose of it to again help you understand the purpose an the some things.

[27/11/2023 - at  4:50PM]

as this line is typed i am looking at the last post joee3 sent me on my ban appeal back then

i do not endorse the encouragement of discrimination joee3, again as i typed above i suffer from these disorders since i have intelectual disability i word things differently that you may read hence you may have took what i said in a bad way when my intention was not even close to said bad intention, intelectual disorder makes it hard for me to use grammar, make sense, word things, its not just hard its mentally exhgausting just like this message an appeal, not sure what you meant by consent i dont remember anything like that, maybe you can catch me up, as you can see i've forgotten most things i dont remember hence making the point me not doing some acts never my intention, but that is not an excuse to say i did nothing bad, i certainly did some bad things i am fully AWARE of, now that i see i saw you are an were helping, thank you, i learned what intellectual meant and now i know the R-word is a slur thanks to you all, i am really thankful, real question is now that you know an can understand from my perspective of my acts[actions] after that i deserve to be pardoned, now i do, the things i admit to doing are harrassing the staff an what not i cant remember much else hence i cant list a full honest opinion, but if you can give me a boost in memory along with said evidence i will more then greatfully help you understand my perspective of the situation and what my intentions were

[REMEMBER I HAVE INTELECTUAL DISORDER THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH MAY NOT MAKE SENSE TO YOU !! IF YOUR CONFUSED PELASE REPLY TO ME!!  ICANT MENTALLY HELP HOW MY BRAIN IS WIRED] i followed the appeal architecture if you read this, i dont want to sound bad or such but please take the time to think, i know a ban of a player is discussed within staff communications of eachother, since i was banned i;ve learned a lot since an i mean that i strongly do. i will also make a copy of this appeal for random reasons like backups an a recap for my future, which i keep a copy of everything.

thank you for reading said administraor/moderator goodluck to me now that i've discussed it all an straightened a few things out.



i would love to start a new generation here at dalek mod universe, start brand new, for a new brand new year, if not an appeal is declined, i will not take it aggressively as this is not the first community who's mistaken me for things an never really heard me out. thank you!


Hello, the staff team has decided that I will be taking the ban appeal.


I'll be going through the ban appeal from top to bottom.


Firstly, there was no accidental use of the slurs, you mad it abundantly and aggressively clear that you intended to use such words not just to me and joe, britishteacat and other community members you complained and insulted myself and Joe to behind our backs. 

Secondly, you are once again weaponising yours medical issues against us. You complain that we "treat you as a normal person" when in all honesty, if we treated you any different, we would be discriminating against you, which is the complete opposite of the image we want to present ourselves and the staff team as. I have personally explained to you this exact scenario multiple times in the past, it is unfortunate that you have not taken it onboard.

Onto the next point, explaining to use why you came onto DMU to what seems to be a poor attempt to guilt trip us, is not going to work. You caused several issues for myself and Joe by throwing around accusations that you clearly seem to be throwing around.

Finally, the edit you made to you ban appeal about Joe allegedly discriminating against you is ridiculous. You did not follow the ban appeal format which is required for us to even consider a ban appeal. It is nothing against you, or your medical issues.


If you cannot tell already, your appeal is being denied. It is clear you have not learned anything in your time away. You may reappeal in 1 years time, if you're still interested then.





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