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[SWD Website] Picture slideshow

Feature: A picture slideshow where the "Hire SWD to work for you" picture is screenshot here:

Description: where the "Hire SWD to work for you" could be made into a slideshow which shows: "Hire SWD to work for you", Most recent DM Update download, DMU server link (As it is hard to get to and i cant even find where to get it).

how do you suggest we implement this?: Turn that picture into multiple pictures a slideshow xD 

Anything else?: remember when the link for the DM U42 was a gif? that would be a good idea to bring that back


does anyone actually know how to get to the server page xD

This isn't very clear, I can barely understand you on what you are trying to say here.

so, basically where that picture is ^ make it a slideshow of links instead of just the one


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