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Minecraft username: M0TIVE

Why you were banned: Alright, you originally got banned on 8th of September for griefing for 4 weeks, you ban evaded during the ban, but got caught when your original ban expired, thats why you didnt get permed then. You then went and xrayed denying that you didnt xray, even though we have block logs to prove you did.
(Had enough of trying to make me seem better than i am, i will just be fully honest)

Ban duration: Perm

What were you doing last on the server:Possbily xraying

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):
I want to play again on the server and i believe i deserve a seccond chance, please let me back on and help me with this request thank you.



You just copied and pasted Pauls response as your ban reason, this is really lazy. Write it next time on your own, otherwise it looks like you still dont care.


And the reason to be unbanned is also really short and is just „I deserve a second chance“. Tell us WHY you deserve one.

So I am going to deny your appeal.

I am giving you the option to create a new one, but if the new one also declines, you won’t be able to create a new one for a specific time.


~Jayson, Dev

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