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[DM Suggestion] Holographic clothing

IGN: CyberJ

Feature: Holographic clothing pill

As seen in: "The time of the doctor" DW special

Description: A pill that the player can eat (crafting recipe still to come) which gives them a new tab in the skinpack area which says, my skins (to see your skins you would either have to upload it into the website or put the files into the mod) and you can switch between said skins without leaving the game 

Anything else?: If this is too big a feature i understand, just and idea

Honestly not sure what this has to do with holographic clothing pill, it would make more since if it popped up a GUI that allowed you to switch between the clothes in the mod, but having multiple skins to switch from would be hard for servers as the skin packs work through a system that requires anyone who wants to see the skin to have the file required, so that would make using this on server a living nightmare as the person would have to make sure everyone had the file for this to work.

I once made this one suggestion about having a slot for armor and a slot for clothing




It's a different suggestion entirely, but I was wondering if I could use Holographic clothing from TIme of the Doctor as an explanation as well

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