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[DM Suggestion] TARDIS Wall display

IGN: CyberJ

Description: on the TARDIS wall display, how it displays the exteriors position in the overworld. well underneath this it will say the position of the interior of the TARDIS in the TARDIS dimension

Anything else?:  i know this is a small suggestion, if someone needs me to elaborate i can

Please do, it is a little confusing in the state it's in right now. Sorry Cyber.

He means adding a line to the Wall Display which will give the coordinates of the currently synched Tardis's Console Room Interior.



Ok np thanks. :P I might be on the server later today or tomorrow, I'm rather busy at the moment so don't have as much time to play as I'd like... but I guess that's just life. So I'll see what happens but you can still find me on the forums as I do check the forums on a semi-regular basis.

20 points to arcphoenix!

 Lol, Thanks Cyber I like it. It will definitely  help me for when I lose my tardis. xD

sounds fine :P

 Cool. If you did need to tell me anything important then you could send me a message on my profile and I would see it and then reply.  and if it's not important then a forums post would suffice. But if it's important AT ALL PROFILE ME as a foums post I could miss depending on the activity of the forums posts.

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