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Ban Appeal - Jackerys

Minecraft Username: Jackerys

Why were you banned: Being obnoxious about staff

Ban Duration: Permanent
What were you doing last on server: Being obnoxious about staff

Why I think i should be pardoned:

I'll be very frank, I was pretty obnoxious during my time playing DMU like 3 years ago, but honestly I believe that it has been long enough for me to mature and for any grudges or anger towards my childish trolling to be left in the past, I am sorry for what I did, and I'd like to be able to play this mod with my friends again, because no one can be bothered to play dalek mod on a private server. This will be my final time trying to appeal, but I am very sorry for my actions as a child


Thank you for your consideration.

Minecraft Username: TheOmega__

banned for going into unit and making a swastika I think 


Hello, being honest me and my friends wanted to play on the server and build a base and have a laugh and jokingly we kept going into unit just to see what the base looked like and to look at design ideas. Last night while playing in the early AM's my friends an I had watched a German documentary and as it was late at night we thought it would be a funny joke to add something to unit so I used blocks to create a swastika as a funny joke. I understand it was childish and immature, But I have spent a lot of time and effort on this server getting gear and creating a base and with the rest of my friends have plans to expand and do more. We like the multiplayer aspect and having people to play with. I deeply apologise for my actions and if unbanned will behave myself and not act childish.


Thank you for your consideration.  

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