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[SWD Profiles] Online status

IGN: CyberJ

Feature: The online status on your SWD profile is more accurate

DescriptionThe online status on your SWD profile can tell people if you are on: Single player and what version, server and which one, The website

anything else?: this basically tells people when you are on the server or not, this confuses people when they see "Online playing U42.2" but dont see said person on the server.

it isnt allowed ron:P dont use it, delete it from your  profile

It's not on my profile it's on War's and I saw it


so went onto it not knowing what it was.

i know, he will get banned if he keeps giving it out :P

It doesn't even work!!

 This is a different issue and not exactly relevant to Cyber's Suggestion.


About the suggestion itself, I do support it though, it can be quite handy.

thank you, it may be something small but it is really useful :P

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